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    About us
    Group Introduction
    Board Director
    Board Director's Speech
    Organization Structure
    Group Style
    Group Introduction

    Hubei Baiyin Cotton Industry Co.,Ltd. was founded by Zhijiang Baiyin Textile Trade Co.,Ltd. with Li Xushuang of legal representative. Current register capital is 60 million yuan. Register place is 26F of Minsheng Bank Mansion of Xinhua road of Jiang’an district in Wuhan city.

    Register capital is 50 million yuan. We are the agricultural industrialization provincial key leading enterprise with cotton purchase, processing and sales in Hubei province. Our main products include Baiyin brand fine staple cotton, cottonseed and others with different grade. The company covers an area of about 300mu and 100,000 more square meters for building area, and enjoys excellent regional position and convenient transportation. Current fixed assets own 110 million yuan. Annual sale income exceeds 3 million yuan. We are the 50 top China cotton excellent processing enterprise.

    The company has made the spirit of constantly striving to become stronger, credit, reform innovation and pursuing excellence to establish the image, and increases management level and product quality to get approval from governments and the society. The company was cognized to the agricultural industrialized provincial grade key leading enterprise in Hubei province in April, 2005, and formally passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system authentification in 2007 and others.

    We follow management philosophy of people oriented, win by quality, stable operation and sustainable development, and forms stable study management team and technical team. The company owns 80 more management and professional technicians and 400 more employees to get wide approval in the same industry.

    For years, the company has got good tendency, great growth for sale income and tax. Our sales income realized 145 million yuan, 4,05 million yuan for tax in 2007. Sales income was 245 million yuan, 12.1077 million yuan for the tax in 2008. In 2009, the company realized 380 million yuan for sales income and 23 million yuan for the tax.

    The company mainly works on three operations:
    1. Cotton purchase and processing operation. We reconstruct 6 to 8 400-type cotton processing plants based on 4 400-type cotton processing plants through new cotton test system, and establish cotton purchase and processing network in the province. Annual processing and sales volume can reach 40,000 to 50,000 tons. The output value is 1 to 1.5 billion yuan.
    2. Cotton trade. Mainly include domestic and international trade. International trade mainly imports cotton from America, Australia, Africa and other places. Annual cotton import can reach 10,000 to 20,000 tons. Trade volume can reach 500 million yuan.
    3. Investment operation. The company will adopt wholly-owned, joint venture, share and other modes to expend our scale and search new economic growth point and accelerate spanning development.

    Our annual sale income can reach 3 to 5 billion yuan through 3 to 5 years’ development. We stand in Hubei and face to China.

    Copyright, Hubei Baiyin Cotton Industry Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

    Baiyin Cotton
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